The history behind HyaNord started several decades ago. It all began at the Uppsala
based pharmaceutical company called Pharmacia already in the early 70´s. Back in
those days some smart researchers had discovered a way to extract and preserve from rooster coombs the natural occurring substance Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is
a large molecule that consists of repeated sugar units and may be formed from several different cells. HA is found naturally in all organs of the body, in joints, in the eyes and
in the skin.

A male who weighs 70 kg has approx. 15 g hyaluronic acid in his body, about a third of
which is metabolised every day. In the knee and joints it has a lubricating and shock absorbing function, and in softer tissue it gives structure and elasticity. Its unique
ability to bind moisture gives it many important tasks in the various transport systems
of the body.

The first HA discovered at Pharmacia was used in ocular surgery as a tool to facilitate
intra ocular lens implants. During the late 80´s when Pharmacia was sold to the American pharmaceutical company Upjohn several of the old employees left the company and
among them, the former production director and the former medical director. These two gentlemen formed a company that further developed and fine tuned the HA to fit other indication areas. This research has only recently resulted in a product line specifically designed for the use in dermatology.

These products that are based on a pure and natural hyaluronic acid from a biological
source are probable the purest and most natural HA on the market today and it is with
great pleasure and pride that we at HyaNord invites you to further explore the possibilities that lies in our new derma fillers, be beautiful, the natural way….

HyaNord dermalux and dermalux +

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